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In 1992, Priscilla Machado, a Latin American woman after converting to Islam, realized that as the number of Muslim families in Toronto was increasing, the need for physical and recreational programs that integrated Muslims and their Islamic values of gender segregation was also increasing. Mrs. Machado, now also known as Sister Hajar, supported by other Muslim women in attempt to bring a solution to this problem, undertook the initiative to organize a number of female-only swimming programs, summer camps and other recreational activities around the Parkway Forest community, where she then resided. On March 18, 1999, Sister Hajar, now a Social Service Worker and TAFHCC's Executive Director, decided that a non-profit organization had to be established to serve all women and girls from diverse ethno-cultural and racial backgrounds. However, the programs and services would be particularly designed to increase participation of women and girls who face barriers in access to programs and services due to their cultural traditions which included gender segregation (e.g.: Muslim women, both Shia & Sunni,etc.). Fatima Abdulrasul, another Muslim woman, became the first Treasurer and assisted in the registration and start up of the center they named The Alternative for Her Community Centre (TAFHCC). Later on, Angeles Fernandez, a Counselour for Abused Women and Children and Denise Kouroumalos an Office Administrator became the Chair and Secretary. These three women formed TAFHCC's first Board of Directors. Since then, TAFHCC has been a non-profit, non-religious, multilingual organization whose mission is to arrange recreational and physical activities and provide social services in a culturally-sensitive manner for all women, girls and their families in Ontario. TAFHCC is committed to re-build systemic structures through education and advocacy to achieve social justice for the people it serves.


Current Board of Directors


CO-CHAIRS: Sharon Fowler & Marjorie (Akosia) Tulloch; TREASURER: Amran Abdullahi; SECRETARY: Heather Tucker. BOARD MEMBERS: Denise Kouroumalos& Kobra Hosseinpour